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  • Gen AI, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, NFC tags, and other emerging tech will interweave together to create the future of digital+physical experience which will ultimately change how we shop and interact with fashion.

  • We move with the intention of expediting adoption. As a result our focus is on testing the boundaries of consumer behavior and innovating new behaviors.

  • We aren't building new tech, but we are bringing together startups and partners to achieve overarching use cases of on-chain provenance, provable sustainability, NFC enablement, loyalty structures, and Gen AI powered design to name a few.

  • Value driven and consumer oriented. The consumer should understand why they need to care and why it's worth their click.

  • Building for today's use cases with a vision for the future in mind.

  • Always curious, always experimenting, always playing.

  • Design like a fashion brand, think like a consumer, and fail as fast as a startup.

  • The more positivity you put out in the world the more comes back to you.

  • Made in NYC.


Images by Olivier Ventura

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